WFDF day 6, Freestyle Finals

Immediately following the distance finals, it was time to get ready for freestyle. Beth and I tried to slow down from the prelims. I may have been too amped up the last time. Today we started off cleaner than we had in the prelims. I did a few of the things I had planned, I made a few catches, but I am also curious what the record number of “the” catches is, because I feel like I could be in the running. The routine was fun, Beth is awesome to play with and always had such a beautiful smile on her face when I looked at here in our routine. We finished in 3rd out of 4 teams. We scored better in difficulty than the second place team, but their execution was cleaner and better than ours. In the end, Tita and Lori ran away with the freestyle title, Nilo and Gohar took second and Beth and I ended up in 3rd.


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