It’s all About the Music

Synchronicity with a side of serendipity!

Warning, the following story may sound unbelievably trivial to some, but I’m dancing around this morning because of it.

During Thanksgiving break, Rick and I went to my brother’s house. One evening while everyone was hanging out together in the kitchen, my niece put on my brother’s playlist/channel on their sound system. A few minutes later this really fun song came on and my niece and brother started dancing to the infectious beat. I couldn’t help but bounce along to it as well. Later I found the song and told Rick that I thought we should use it for our freestyle routine this year. I wasn’t able to make the sell so I kind of forgot about the song.

Skip forward to this morning when I got a message from another one of my freestyle partners for this year. They sent 3 songs in order of preference. Song #1 was the same song that I tried to convince Rick to play to! Again, I can understand how this doesn’t seem like a big deal at all, but it has made my day and that song has been playing on an endless loop now for about 30 minutes as I bounce around the house.

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