Frisbeer Final Day

What an amazing week in Europe! Today was the last day of the Frisbeer Cup in Prague. I played in two finals today, women’s pairs and mixed pairs. In women’s I played with Ilka Simon who was gracious enough to host me for a few days in Cologne before the event so we could put together a routine. I absolutely loved working and playing with Ilka. I’m so excited that we will be playing together again later on this year.

During the finals today, we had a very good start. There were a few stumbles in the middle and a little confusion at the end, but it felt high energy and it was certainly really fun to perform. We ended up on top of the podium taking first place in Women’s division.

My second and final performance for the day was with Ryan Young in mixed pairs. This was a completely different arrangement as we purposely had no routine and just went out and jammed spontaneously. Ryan is unbelievably talented in spontaneous play. I, on the other hand, consider it a weakness as I still don’t think faster than the approaching frisbee. But I’m getting better and more comfortable and today’s performance was pretty good. Ryan was awesome and I’m so happy he agreed to play with me. We took second behind a very good and well executed routine by Ilka and Manuel Cesari and I’m thrilled.

Oh, and my highlight of the week is that I was 2 for 2 with the twist-o-flex in competition.



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