FPA World Championships Final Day Update

FPA World Championships Final Day Update. It wasn’t my day competitively, but I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Despite my personal disappointing performances, it was an electrifying day and I am so incredibly happy to have been a part of it and to have experienced it first hand.

I competed in two finals, women’s pairs and mixed pairs. This is my second year at FPA Worlds and my first time making the finals. Things did not go as I had visualized. In women’s, Char and I got “off script” again and this time had a hard time getting back on the same page. It felt hectic and chaotic and I could tell the confusion was projected instead of the beauty I had hoped.

In mixed, I was so excited to be able to perform our routine again. Daniel and I play to a song titled, When the Love is Gone. We used that as our inspiration and had a heated and very loud argument in front of the judges and the crowd seconds before the routine. We carried that “anger” through the routine and it was so much fun! The energy was great, but the execution was poor. We took a lot of risk which I’m proud of. Unfortunately it was not clean. But it was still really fun and I can’t wait until next year.

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