I am not new to disc sports.  I started playing disc golf in late 1992.  As my interest in disc golf grew, I traveled farther and farther to bigger events which to my delight, meant that I would occasional run across freestylers, or at least golfers who liked to freestyle after their golf rounds.  I believe it was around 2000 that I became intrigued enough to work on learning how to nail delay.  I eventually was able to do so right handed with clock spin.

Fast forward to October of 2013 when I met overall player, Rick LeBeau, at a DDC event.  He encouraged me to train for overalls (think heptathlon with a Frisbee).  In 2014 I started to do so and spent most of my training time working on DDC.  I competed in 2 overall events, Virginia States and the US Open with good results.  I had mostly solid disc skills in 6 of the 7 events.  The last event for which I had nearly no skill was Freestyle.  I knew I was sorely lacking in this discipline, but I didn’t yet have much motivation to do anything about it.

In 2015, I knew I was going to have to train harder for the overall as the WFDF Flying Disc Overall World Championships (held every other year) were to be held in Sweden where the 2013 Women’s WFDF Flying Disc Overall World Champion lived.  So, I had resolved to add Freestyle practice to my training schedule.  I think Rick and I “practiced” freestyle 3-4 times before going to Sweden. Usually the sessions ended in anger and frustration for me as I felt overwhelmed by the skill required to accomplish even the simplest moves.  I did start working on my own a little as well and I did gain a bit more control and a few elementary moves.

The week prior to the 2015 WFDF Worlds, saw Rick and I in Oslo.  On one of the days, We practiced DDC and Freestyle at Vigeland Park.  While there, Sune captured a short video of me doing a couple of leg unders with the disc followed by a little jumping catch.  Sune posted the video which garnered a bit of attention.  Among the comments for the video, Randy Silvey made a passing remark about partnering at the 2016 FPA World Championships in mixed pairs.  I didn’t know if the offer to play together was real or not, but after watching a few videos of Randy, I certainly hoped that it was.  I contacted Randy and while making it very easy for him to back out, made it clear that I would love to partner with him.  Graciously, he agreed.  At that moment, I promised myself that after the WFDF Worlds, I would dedicate the next 12 months to freestyle.  What I didn’t know at the time was how much I would fall in love with the sport.


This blog is meant to follow my journey to becoming a freestyler.  Since August of 2015, when I started working towards my freestyle goals, I have tried to capture milestones along the way which I typically shared on Instagram and/or Facebook.  This is a compilation of my progress.

If you want to see me improve, start at the beginning, http://jam.julianakorver.com/617-2,  and work your way to the present.